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Cuban Music Samples

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Fried plantain and fish
Without a doubt, the most popular song in Cuba in May '86 was a song called Patacón Pisa'o. This song has its origins in Colombia in 1983, where it was written by Ramon Chaverra and first performed by Juan Carlos Coronel. The song also became famous in the Dominican Republic, where it was turned into a merengue by the popular Dominican singer Johnny Ventura. Here are two versions of it; the first version (1776626 bytes, 3:42) is an uptempo, clap-along version (we saw a Cuban family driving down Duval Street in Key West with all the windows down, blasting this one on 10, and singing and clapping along); the second version (2477457 bytes, 5:10) is a mid-tempo, slinkier version. There's a small gap in the first version around 1:14; I had to flip the cassette. This is the best version I have. The Spanish lyrics below are followed by an English translation.

(Spoken:) Vamos a ponernos en ambiente. Vamos a hacer la clave cubana. Oye. ?Que no sabes lo que es patacón pisa'o? Son los platanos al puñetazo, mi negro. !Asi! Que no se caiga esa clave. !Eso! (Sung:) El marío de Josefa solo come pesca'o. Si le dan otra cosa se levanta abrava'o. Yo no quiero mondongo ni platanito asa'o. Yo quiero que me den mi pesca'o guisa'o y patacón pisa'o. Josefina le pone platos sofistica'os. Pero no se los come. E'l reclama pesca'o. Si le dan otra cosa quieren verlo embroma'o. Si saben que le gusta su pesca'o guisa'o y patacón pisa'o.
(Spoken:) Let's get in the mood. Let's make the cuban clave (rhythm that is clapped in the background, 3 slow claps followed by 2 fast claps or vice versa at the end). Listen. You don't know what patacón pisa'o is? They are plantain "al puñetazo", my black man. That's the way! Don't let that clave fall. That is it! (Sung:) Josefa's husband only eats fish. If he's given something else he gets up from the table maddened. "I don't want mondongo nor a little baked plantain. I want to be given my stewed fish and pataco'n pisa'o." (This is plaintain cut into slices, flattened [pisa'o] and fried. Mondongo is cow tripe platter.) Josefina puts for him sophisticated dishes, but he doesn't eat them. He demands fish. If he's given another thing you want to see him bothered. Because you know that he likes his stewed fish and patacón pisa'o.

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